Are you our ideal client?

We’re currently putting together a sizzle reel - yes, there is such a thing! - and, duly, we've been reflecting on EvokedSet’s journey as a PR agency and where we’ve had most success and impact for our clients over the last 18 years. Taking a look at this from all angles, we've distilled some common account characteristics. The client-side factors are particularly interesting.

Here’s the list of key attributes:

⭐ First and foremost: a CEO who loves and gets PR

⭐ Realism about the need for (and value of) right-sized support over vanity engagements

⭐ High degree of trust in chosen PR team’s counsel and ability to execute

⭐ Respect for journalists' time and needs, and an understanding of the media’s role, unique pressures and careabouts

⭐ Ability to recognise opportunities, seize the moment and make timely decisions - including signing off PR stories and materials 

⭐ Advocating for and championing their PR agency partner to the board, VCs and others who may need convincing

⭐ Honesty about what PR success looks like for the business and how agency performance will be measured

Does this chime with your experience, agency-side or client-side?

What other factors do you think have an impact on the long-term success of a PR agency/client relationship?

Drop us a line at clientservices[at]evokedset[dot]com with your thoughts.

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