Things That We Believe: Never Let Our Clients Fail

Since EvokedSet was founded way back in 2006, we've built our PR agency on the foundation of a single guiding principle: to never let our clients fail.

Scaling a fast-growth business is inherently high-risk and challenging, and there are multiple internal and external points of failure that can knock an ambitious client organisation off its course and prevent it from realising its true potential - from misaligned product strategy and the wrong team dynamics to sheer bad luck when it comes to market timing. The quality of your PR and communications, however, should never be one of those points of failure.

At EvokedSet, we fundamentally care about our clients - as individuals, and as organisations pursuing an important mission. We want our clients to be as successful as possible, and we take seriously our pivotal role in enabling that success.

As trusted, competent and committed advisors who've been on the other side of fence, we will always speak up when we see the potential for a mis-step. We will never let our clients miss a deadline, let down a key partner, or leave a great opportunity unfulfilled when we can simply use our skills to solve the problem.

For start-ups and scale-ups, the business rollercoaster means acutely heightened thrills and spills, with dips and peaks that are more keenly felt by all of your stakeholders. As specialist PR and marcom partners, we make a simple promise to our clients: we will always work tirelessly to boost your brand and build value into your business - wherever you are in your growth story.

Here's to never failing.

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