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Generating measurable success from social media

how we can help

We offer a fully outsourced Social Media Management service tailored to your industry and focused on your needs. We can develop an active, engaging presence on the main social media platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  Our service is delivered by digital natives and social media experts and is fully managed by us – from initial profile creation through to content generation, posting, interaction management and reporting.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to build on an existing presence, we will develop an appropriate social strategy that is optimal to your needs.

Our Social Media Management service removes the burden of having to navigate the latest developments in the rapidly-evolving social web, and provides an easy way for you to engage without the requirement for dedicated internal expertise or resources. Once engaged and briefed, we will appoint a dedicated Social Media Account Manager who can create the initial accounts, set the objectives and strategy, create all content, proactively post updates on your behalf, and monitor interactions and engagement.

Our initial step will be to locate your audiences across the varied social networks and target the most effective communication channels. From here, we will plan your content outputs and frequency, using your company’s activities, news, and industry events as the framework. With the assistance of secure automated tools, we then assume full management of your chosen networks, implementing the plan as well as interacting with your audience. Working with your own internal data and metrics, we are also able to provide analytics to measure the success of the social media activity and its impact on your company.

The key business-to-business social media channels we work across include:

We can also extend your social strategy to include platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Vine, if they can add value to your social media strategy. As part of the new service, EvokedSet can also provide fully managed Promoted Tweets campaigns, including regular account liaison with the Twitter support team and proactive budget management.

Social media done effectively requires focus and dedicated attention by digital natives. It isn’t a 'one size fits all', part-time job: it is constantly evolving and requires constant feeding. And within many companies there simply isn’t the time or expertise to give it the attention it needs.